January 2021: Korean Classes for Adults (Online)

Please read the information regarding the 2021 online winter classes before filling out the registration form below.

 Beginner’s Class *

  This class is for the students who are learning Korean for the first time. 

  • Class period: January 5th - March 2st  2021 

  • Class hours: Every Tuesday from 7 pm to 9 pm (9 sessions in total) 


Intermediate Class *

  This class is for the students who have studied Korean for at least one semester, can   read Korean, and can communicate in simple sentences. 

  • Class period: January 9th -March 4th  2021 

  • Class hours: Every Saturday from 10 am to 12 am (8 sessions). There will be one more session either in one of the evenings or on one Sunday (9 sessions in total). 

*Each class will only be opened if more than 5 people are registered. (max 10)​ 

Fees per student: 130$ CAD(including 30$ for the text book <<Mcgill Korean I>>) +shipping fees

The text book can be picked up in NDG or delivered by mail. 

Method of payment: e-transfer (inscription.mtlks@gmail.com)

Method of teaching: Online classes on Zoom

Cancellation policy: A full refund can be made before the second class. There is no refund after the second class.